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For 25 years, ITG Ltd is engaged in investment and construction of residential and commercial buildings. In such a long history we can be proud that all our facilities are completed to the end , functional and all of them without any kind of legal or ownership problems, which means that the money invested in the purchase of real estate built by ITG is safe invested money.

During the construction of the facility each construction site is formed as a separate unit with the head of construction site, technicians and operational staff. Only high quality materials are used in construction process and quality of the work is always premium.

Below you can see some of over 40 constructed residential and commercial buildings.

Hotel Heritage Belgrade

Vila Barović and Spa Zlatibor

Residential and commercial building in Belgrade

Osnovna skola Milivoje Borovic u Sljivovici

Farme zivine, 4 objekta , Krnjevo

Primary school in Badljevica

Indoor swimming pool in Devojački Bunar

Knez Mihajlova 99, Smederevo

Knez Mihajlova 66 Smederevo

T. C. Nadvoznjak, Smederevo

street October 16, Smederevo

street Ante Protica, Smederevo

street Jadranska, Smederevo

ITG Smederevo Shopping center

The building of the Municipality of Smederevo

Djure Danicica 81, Smederevo

Street Stanoja Glavasa u Smederevu

Street Milosa Velikog, Smederevo

Street Matice Srpske u Beogradu

Street Knez Mihajlova, Smederevo

Residential building in ul. Gajeva, Smederevo

Center Dunav in Požarevac

Residential building in Radinac, Smederevo